Car Wash Security Camera Captures The Unimaginable, Video Is Being Shared All Over Facebook

Updated January 10, 2018

There is a fine art to going through a drive-thru carwash. You have to make sure you push on the gas just gently enough to move forward along the tracks and sometimes it’s best to just keep the vehicle in neutral. And if you have a tendency to be claustrophobic, it can be a bit daunting to make your way through the dark, cave while being pummeled with water, soap and giant sponges that swing wildly at your vehicle. All this to get your precious vehicle cleaned.

For one driver, the experience of going through a drive-thru carwash will never be the same. In what started out as an innocent wash, a driver quite literally ended up upside down on a busy street.

The epic video that has been viewed nearly 250,000 times, shows a truck pulling out of the drive-thru. The driver makes a slow turn and proceeds to make his way to the exit of the lot. All is well and his car is shiny and clean. But, then we see the front end of a white van slowly emerging from the car wash exit. The van is going through the last part of the cleaning cycle and is most likely getting dried by the massive dryers. Again, all looks fine and dandy.

And then it happens…

The driver of the white fan presses on the gas a bit too harsh and before he has a chance to slow down, he clears the curb and flies over a hill that leads to a busy road. The van manages to get so much speed that it picks up momentum and flips over, landing upside down. During the flip, the van hit a hydrant, releasing water sprouting up to the sky. As if in slow motion, people in the area start to realize that there is a vehicle upside down in the middle of the road. The video captures several people gathered around the scene, absorbing what just happened.

Maybe the driver had his vehicle in neutral while he was in the car wash, and he was forced forward when he put the van in drive. Either way, maybe the company should put up a wall in front of the exit of the car wash, preventing future customers from doing the same thing. According to the video title, nobody was injured in the incident, which is quite a miracle, considering the force of which the vehicle flipped and landed.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the incident and some agreed that a barrier should be put in place…

“They need to install some sort of fence or barrier to keep people from getting like that. I hope the person(s) is alright.”

“So, why isn’t there some kind of guardrail there? I mean you’ve got wet cars making the asfalt wet and a pretty steeply curved road…Sure the driver could have taken easier, but still it was an accident waiting to happen.

Others criticized the witnesses for not acting faster…

“What doesn’t get me is why did the car who saw the whole thing happen didn’t bother to stop to see if they were okay?”