Parents Give Son’s Teacher Wine, Custom Label They Put On It Has Internet In Stitches

Updated January 19, 2018

An Ohio couple wanted to remind their son’s teachers why they do what they do. So to bring some Christmas cheer to the lives of the teachers at their public school, they created wine bottles that had a photo of their son on its label along with the message, “the reason you drink.” As any parent of a teenager knows, their kid can be a pain in the butt. Because the parents of Jake Sommers knew that their son was a terror at school, they playfully reminded his teachers that life is not so severe. And eventually, he will graduate and move on to bigger and better things (or so they hope).

Mary and Paul Sommers form Beavercreek, Ohio wanted to give their son’s teachers something to make the Christmas break more enjoyable. Because the teachers were already happy to have time away from Jake and his classmates, they couldn’t have wanted much else. But when Jake came to school bringing bottles of wine, his teachers were more than happy to drink away their worries.

Jake is an eighth-grade student. And his parents knew that he could be a difficult student sometimes. So as a playful prank, they put his school picture on the wine bottle label and then gave them to his teachers at Ascension School in Kettering, Ohio. As you can imagine, they loved it!

The brother of Jake, D.J. Sommers, shared a picture of the wine bottle label on Twitter along with the following message:

“My parents always get our elementary school teachers a present around Christmas. Typically something small like a candle or flower to say thank you. This year they got them bottles of wine & replaced the labels with their own with my brother on them… Happy holidays”

On the wine bottle label, the Sommers wrote:

“Our Child Might Be The Reason You Drink So Enjoy This Bottle On Us.”

As you can imagine, this bottle went viral quickly. The Tweet has been shared thousands of times and people all over the country think it is a great idea.

Mom Mary Sommers said that she thinks the teachers really needed wine this year.

“How many coffee mugs does a teacher need,” she told WHIO-TV. “But who doesn’t need a glass of wine after teaching a kid like mine?”

Mom admits that Jake isn’t a “bad” kid, but he is “that kid” that is very annoying. She admits he inherited the trait from her.

“My four older siblings were good kids, and it was hard to live up to that, so I didn’t try,” Mary Sommers said. “[Jake] always has something to say. He’s that kid.”

Jake Sommers understands why his teachers are driven to drink. He doesn’t deny that he’s “that kid” in class that causes all the headaches.

“I guess my teachers deserve (the wine),” he said.

When the story went viral, Buzzfeed contacted Mary for an interview. She was happy to oblige, but said that “none of the teachers were shocked by it.”

Perhaps, parents from past years gave the Ohio teachers whiskey bottles instead of wine.